Street Organ Ritornellos

About one year ago Belle Arché Lou came to Brussels playing sweet songs to us at Oh My 

Gardenremember? Their "leader" and co-founder of the label Humanist Records, Alexis 

Paul, is now starting a new project called Street Organ Ritornellos. It basically consists of 

rearranging a selection of Belle Arché Lou's songs for this long forgotten, wrongly neglected 

and marvelous instrument which is the Street Organ, some may know it as a hurdy gurdy :), 

and going on tour with it, collaborating with local musicians of every visited country.

This is all very pink and fluffy, but it is a project, meaning, it is projected into the future but 

won't happen if we don't help... that's why Alexis made this page, where you can get further 

information on Street Organ Ritornellos and donate a few euros.

If you want to know even more about it, go have a look at the facebook page or read this little article!